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Visits data not matching, and 'not set' appearing within Google Visits Medium

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2014 04:14PM GMT
If your visits data doesn't match up in a report it could be due to 'not set' appearing as a medium for visits.  This not set medium may appear in your Google Analytics data alongside your other mediums: (none), organic, referral, cpc, email, website, adwords etc

Why is "not set" appearing as a medium in my Google Analytics Data? 

A visit may be tagged with the medium of not set if you are driving traffic from Adwords and you haven't configured Adwords properly. 

Why does this affect my Trackpal Reports?

Currently some areas of our report (for example the summary page) will use the total visits data from Google Analytics - this data contains the medium "not set".

Other areas of our report do not contain these visits from the "not set" medium.  For example the Traffic Sources tab shows traffic from the specific sources below, and not from the "not set" medium:
  • (none) - Direct visits
  • organic - Visits from search engines
  • cpc - Visits from paid search
  • Social - Visits from social media
  • Referrals - Visits from Other websites / Referrals 

How do I resolve this and stop "not set" appearing in my Google Analytics data?

To resolve this, Google recommends disabling auto-tagging within your Adword campaigns and instead use the URL Builder to tag your destination URLs. Your traffic data onwards should then be tagged correctly from Adwords and not be erroneously tagged as "not set".
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