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Missing Linkscape data from the Monthly SEO and Analytics V2 report

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2016 04:37PM BST
Moz data is an extra piece of bonus data within the Summary page of our standard monthly SEO reports. This data is collected from Moz and can also be acquired via their open site explorer.

Figure 1 below: Moz data

Why is data missing from the Moz data section of my report?

Possibility 1

If data is missing from this section then it could be due to a data collection issue, for example a backlog in data collection items; this is due to Moz's API which sets limits on data collection.


If you wish you can obtain this data for your reports from the open site explorer service and manually update the missing data.

If you'd like a custom data source setup we can setup a connection to Moz via your own Moz API.

​Possibility 2

If you enter your website or a competitors website as a URL that is a page, as opposed to a domain, then the data will not be collected or shown within the Linkscape data table. We only collect and report on domain data for this table, otherwise the table would show domain level metrics with page level metrics - which would not be ideal.


Change the project or competitors URL from a page to a domain by following these steps:
  1. Go to Trackpal > Projects > select project.
  2. Navigate to the Parameters tab within the Projects window.
  3. Input new domain names.
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