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Adding Currency Symbols (£, $, €) to Reports

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2013 11:39AM GMT

Why Doesn't Trackpal Show Currency Symbols For Revenue Figures Within Tables?

Our Trackpal reports are designed to be sized as ready to print on A4 paper (landscape).

The ability to print our lovely reports for reference and meetings is a huge benefit to the end user.

This means there are considerations we need to make to ensure our templates fit these size guidelines.

Currently our reports are able to handle figures in the millions. Adding currency symbols before the figures will require widening column widths when figures are over a million.  The table would no longer fit on an A4 sheet when printed.


We have made the currency clear on the report by adding the currency details in a sentence above every relevant table.

Quickly Adding Revenue Symbols To a Report

Areas in Excel to format numbers as currency
Figure 1: Areas in Excel, used to format numbers as currency

If you'd like to add currency symbols to revenue data yourself, it's very quick and easy to do within Excel.

Follow these steps:
  1. Hold CTRL and drag across all revenue figures on a tab in your report
  2. Go to Home > Number area of the Ribbon 
  3. Use the Home > Number area of the Ribbon > Accounting Number Format Button to select a currency symbol (£, $, €).
  4. Use the Home > Number area of the Ribbon > Decrease Decimal Button to remove unnecessary decimal places.
  • Optional: Press CTRL+1 to open the format window, where you can change the formatting from Accounting to Currency (under Number Tab). - This displays the currency symbol directly next to the figure.
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