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Why does report data not match Google Analytics?

Last Updated: Sep 05, 2016 11:06AM BST
Rarely, you may notice figures in Trackpal reports being different to figures shown in Google Analytics (GA) web view shows.

Why is there data discrepancies?

This is likely happening because a website receives a lot of sessions, and the Google Analytics data shown in GA web view has been sampled.

GA will likely report different values as it will likely sample the data in the GA web view (if it's showing multiple months that total to more than 500k sessions).

How does Trackpal pull data from GA?

We pull data via the GA API - and if data has to be sampled then we collect it using the highest precision. Sampling only affects the API when there are 500k or more sessions over the period (monthly).

How to test?

You can experiment pulling data out directly from GA via the API from here. Try adding HIGHER_PRECISION to the samplingLevel parameter.
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