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PDF or Printed Report is Too Large (it has too many pages)

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2016 10:10AM GMT

If you monitor a lot of keywords, then the report may be too large when printing or saving it as a PDF. 

A large report is fine for viewing within Excel, but such a large amount of data isn't suitable for a PDF or print-out. 

What's the cause? The cause is the Rankings and Rankings - Competitors tabs being so long. 

Three options to solve the report being too large

To create a manageable sized report for printing or exporting as PDF you have three options.

Option 1

If recipient doesn't need to see detailed ranking data within the PDF (the Rankings Summary tab may be sufficient)
  • Right click these tabs > Select Hide 

Option 2

If your recipient would like to see the graphs from these tabs (Rankings and Rankings - Competitors) then:

For both tabs: Rankings and Rankings - Competitors
  1. Select a row before the long table starts (eg Rankings row 32)
  2. Hold ctrl+shit press arrow down to select all rows below r32
  3. Use right click on sheet > Hide to hide those rows.

​Option 3

If your recipient would like to see detailed ranking data then it is best to view this in Excel. So you could use option B to deliver to them a PDF and send them the full Excel file too (before any data is hidden). (Similarly you could send them a duplicated Excel file that only includes all the ranking data, by hiding other sheets - and then send them option B PDF too.)
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