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OAuth explained (connecting with Facebook & Google Analytics)

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2012 02:43PM GMT

What is OAuth?

OAuth is a popular secure authentication method that allows users to approve an application to act on their behalf without sharing their password.

This means, after authenticating your Google Analytics account in Trackpal, Trackpal can then access your Google Analytics data needed to create reports - all without needing your password.

Trackpal will only have the permission to View your Google Analytics data, and not edit it.

How does OAuth work?

When connecting to a service with OAuth, a new browser window will appear containing an authentication window. This will ask for your username and password and list the permissions that will be granted. 

Does OAuth store any passwords?

No, you must enter your password to authenticated with an application, but the password is not stored.

What services does Trackpal require I Authenticate with?

Trackpal requires you to sign in with OAuth for Facebook and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics: For Google Analytics, you only need to athenticate once.

Facebook: Facebook requires re-authentication every 60 days, or if you have changed your password. We will notify you to warn you when your 60 days authentication time limit is nearing expiry.
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